May 10, 2010

Cute Little Kids

These are just a few of the pictures we took of my little brother, little sister, niece, and my baby boy for my mom. Jillena did a great job, especially since they did not want to cooperate. Cameron is also teething so that didn't help any either. I don't have any of the pictures Liesl took yet but will post them when I get them. Thanks again Jillena I hope we didn't make you want to run away and never take pictures of kids again! :)

Cameron 10 months
I love that you can see my little guys teeth coming in.
Devin 2
Madi 3
Jason 5
I love all the kids so much. They can be a handful, but they are all really sweet kids. We are all so blessed that they are in our lives!

My 1st Mother's Day

Yesterday was my first official Mother's Day! Ky says that it is my second because I was pregnant last year, but I think this one was officially number one. I am so blessed to have my little family. We kept it pretty low key, just spent the day together. We slept in late, had lunch at Denny's, and then came home and played Band Hero. Ky got me a pick electric Snap-On screw driver (yeah I know, it is really useful around the house though) :) and Cameron got me a cute pink heart necklace that says MOM. I love it! I also went with my sister Stephanie to take our little sister Melanie out driving. She did pretty good, but there were a few times I thought I might throw up lol! I can't believe she is almost 17. She was the baby of our family for so long and I forget that she is growing up and going to be a senior next year. We also went out on Saturday and took pictures of the little kids for my mom. Jason 5, Madi 3, Devin 2, and Cameron 10 months. My sister-in-law Jillena just started to get into photography so i thought that it would be good practice for her to do a shoot with a group of little kids. There is a really cute little park in central that we thought would be good be cause it is green and there isn't ever anyone there. Well with little kids that was probably the worst idea. All they wanted to do was play and didn't want anything to do with pictures! LOL! Somehow Jillena ended up with some really cute pictures. My little sister Liesl also got some pretty cute ones. So printed a few of them out and put them in a frame for my mom and she loves them. :) We also got a really cute little heart necklace that you open and put the birthstones of the family in for my mother-in-law, which she also liked. All in all it was a pretty nice day! I love my mom and my MIL more than they know! They have both helped us so much through the years in different ways and I don't know what we would do without them.

Cameron Mark

I can't believe Cameron is already 10 months old! It feels like I put my little new born to sleep and he woke up crawling. I can honestly say he is one of the best things I have ever done. He make our life so much more interesting that is for sure! We never imagined that we would have a baby so fast, but about 7 weeks after we were married we found out I was 4 weeks pregnant. After a rough pregnancy of terrible nausea (that lasted up to the delivery and recovery room), back pain, and exhaustion (I was still working full time as a department manager) he finally arrived. It all started around six in the morning on June 27, 2009. I woke up and thought that my water might have broke but I wasn't sure. I guess I have seen too many movie where water goes everywhere and you are screaming in pain. I was having contractions but they were irregular and far apart, so I told Ky to go to work and I would call him if it was time. Well only two hours later my contractions were about 7 minutes apart so we headed to the hospital. Sure enough my water was broken and I was dilated to a 5. My mom has always had quick births, each one of us was born within 20 minutes of her water breaking so I was hoping that would be the case for me. An hour later I was still at 5, ugh! So then I had to walk around the ob. And anyone who has been to our little hospital know there isn't every far to walk. They checked me again after an hour of walking, still at 5! Dr. Tran decided it would be best to give me something to make my contractions stronger and get the baby out faster. He suggested I get an epidural since my contractions were right on top of each other and already in the hundreds. So I got an epidural, I don't know why but as soon as I got the epidural the baby's heart rate dropped way down into the 60s. Now they decided to stop my contractions. I had about an hour of no pain, but once the contractions started again I was in so much pain. I didn't have an ob nurse, she was an er nurse, so when i told her i was hurting she said there wasn't anything they could do. Only later did the doctor find out and tell me they would have given me more medication. Anyway once I started pushing it felt like forever, but finally after almost 14 hours of labor, Cameron Mark Forsgren was here! He had the cord wrapped around his neck, chest, and feet! It took about 3 minutes for them to get him breathing on his own, but after that he was perfect. He was 7lbs 12oz, 19 in, had 10 fingers, and 10 toes! He looked just like his daddy had a mess of strawberry blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. We still hear "he looks just like Ky" everyday!

Since then he has gotten such a sweet personality. He always has a smile, hug, and slobbery kiss for everyone in the family. He is also already a little comedian! He is always making faces to make us laugh, he even peaks to make sure you are laughing! Even when I am in the worst mood he can make me smile! We love our little Bubba so much and can't imagine a day without him!

Dixie and Kyron

Ky and I met while we were working at Walmart. I was working in the deli and he was in TLE. He had a friend in the bakery and kept asking about me. Well finally one day we were both in the backroom and he got enough nerve to talk to me. I was so funny he walked by really fast and then turned around and asked if I worked in the bakery and I told him I was in the deli. He said "oh OK." And walked away. He he turn around again "By the way my name is Kyron" HAHA! Needless to say I thought he was kind of a dork. :) Soon after that we started just hanging out with a group of friends. We would stay out all night and ride 4 wheelers, watch movies, or just talk (well everyone else would talk but Ky, it was like pulling teeth to get him talking)He finally asked me to diner and we had a nice time, even though we had everyone calling or texting us the whole time. After that we were dating for just about 6 months when he ask me to marry him. Even though it wasn't a perfect day (there was a lot going on with both sides of our families) it was one of the best days of my life. We were married September 20, 2008 in Solomon Arizona. It wasn't exactly what we pictured but that is perfect cause our life is never how we picture it. Some how everything finds a way to work itself out! We headed to Tucson after our reception and woke up the next morning and headed to San Diego, California! We spend that evening at Mission Beach, we walked the boardwalk, played black light miniature golf, shopped, and played in the ocean! The next day we headed to the San Diego Zoo. We both love going to zoos and always wanted to go there. And the following day was Sea World! We had so much fun on our Honeymoon. I am so glad Ky pulled it off, with help from Mando and Branden. We didn't even know if we were going on a honeymoon, but we are both so glad we did! We are planning to go back for our 5 year anniversary. I can't wait to take Cameron with us this time (and who knows maybe there will be another little one with us too)