May 10, 2010

Cute Little Kids

These are just a few of the pictures we took of my little brother, little sister, niece, and my baby boy for my mom. Jillena did a great job, especially since they did not want to cooperate. Cameron is also teething so that didn't help any either. I don't have any of the pictures Liesl took yet but will post them when I get them. Thanks again Jillena I hope we didn't make you want to run away and never take pictures of kids again! :)

Cameron 10 months
I love that you can see my little guys teeth coming in.
Devin 2
Madi 3
Jason 5
I love all the kids so much. They can be a handful, but they are all really sweet kids. We are all so blessed that they are in our lives!


  1. They are so darling...I showed Pam Cameron's pic with his gums showing and we both agree that he is a doll! Those pictures (all of them) are very cute!